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How many pieces is each Jigjag?

Each Jigjag is 500pc and 18" x 18" once finished.

When will I receive my first Jigjag?

You will be charged and shipped your first Jigjag as soon as you sign-up.  Your next charge will occur on the 1st of the following month and that Jigjag will ship on approximately the 5th of the month.  

Jigjags will continue to charge and ship in this manner unless you cancel.  

Will I know the Jigjag design before it arrives?

No, we think the surprise of discovering a new artist is part of what makes Jigjag so exciting.  We work hard to partner with artists whose works are a great fit for jigsaw puzzles.  

How can I cancel or change my subscription?

Send us an email at and we'll make any required changes to your account.